Artistic Approach


Originally from Romania, Petru received his degree in architecture, initially working as an architect and designer in his home country. In Canada since 1979, his career has expanded to include the fields of art and design.

Architect, designer, museographer, stage designer and display designer and professional visual artist, Petru has taught these fields in universities and colleges in Canada.

As an artist, he explores a wide range of media and techniques, including drawing, printmaking, collage and painting.

He continues as a professional artist to be part of numerous artistic events and international exhibitions, receiving jury prizes and awards and has been invited in prestigious artist residencies.

Petru’s art is found in private collections and galleries in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and U.S.A.

Artist Statement

As an artist, Petru uses various techniques and media. He appreciates that the inherent nature of artistic surfaces, such as paper, printing matrix, canvas or wood, have a memory, permeates all media, as expressed by the feelings and intentions that accumulate and intermingle within his thought process and expressive gestures. His knowledge of architecture can be perceived throughout the abstract composition, using cut out forms and collage, frottage, subtraction and addition, deconstructing the visual space. He exalts the composition with spontaneous gesture enriched by fine and calligraphic lines, giving the work a poetic character full of intensity. He aims for a liberty of creation in his “hybrid” work that sometime arise by serendipity.

His being is nourished by meditated self-experience, travels, music, literature, philosophy and silence. The fragility of life and memory, the authenticity of emotions, the passage of time, the wandering and the search of identity are subjects of reflection and inspiration.

Exploring the process of creativity in different contexts and cultural milieu has great importance to him, mainly because of the fragility and unsteadiness that brings us to raise questions pertaining to the work.